Practice Training Contract

Practice Training Contract

Training Contracts

The Training Contracts Listings aims to provide law students with an overview of the law practices offering training contracts.

The information published here is intended as a general reference source. It is made available on the understanding that law practices are not mandated to participate in the listings. Participation by law practices is entirely voluntary. The information published herein is based on the information supplied by law practices and is not vetted by the Law Society. The Law Society further accepts no liability for the consequences of any actions taken on the basis of the information provided. Applicants with queries on the vacancies offered or suitability of the law practice should make their own enquiries and/or contact the law practices directly. The Law Society of Singapore is not engaged in rendering professional advice.

The listings shown here are not exhaustive of the practice training opportunities available in the legal industry at any point of time.

To understand the elementary terms of a practice training contract, please refer to our sample practice training contract here.

Law graduates who are seeking to practise law and need advice are welcome to approach the Law Society. While we cannot provide job placement or secondment services, we can offer career counselling, mentorship, guidance, referrals and practical tips. Please write to us at [email protected] and one of us will get back to you.

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Firm / Organisation
Area(s) of Practice Offered Expected Date of
General Information about
the Training Contract
Published On
Sureshan LLC Dispute Resolution 24 June 2024 Sureshan LLC invites for applicantions for Relevant Legal Training and Practice Training Contracts offering exposure in general civil litigation and ... 13 June 2024
Kertar & Sandhu LLC Litigation 15 July 2024 Kertar & Sandhu LLC is a full-service Singapore Law Practice with focus on litigation work. The firm’s litigation department handles ... 12 June 2024
TAN CHIN HOE & CO LITIGATION 1 July 2024 We are offering TC to 2 candidates with a view to retention. Interested applicants please email resume to [email protected]. ... 11 June 2024
Shook Lin & Bok LLP Corporate Real Estate 2 January 2025 Shook Lin & Bok LLP, a leading Singapore law firm is looking for two trainees with an interest in corporate ... 10 June 2024
BC Lim & Lau LLC Corporate Law, Civil and Commercial Dispute Resolution, and Family Law 2 January 2025 We are a boutique full-service law practice looking for a Practice Trainee / Relevant Legal Trainee to commence work soonest. Our firm ... 6 June 2024
BC Lim & Lau LLC Corporate Law, Civil and Commercial Dispute Resolution, and Family Law 1 June 2024 We are a boutique full-service law practice looking for a Practice Trainee / Relevant Legal Trainee to commence work soonest. Our firm ... 30 May 2024
PKWA LAW PRACTICE LLC INSURANCE LITIGATION 28 May 2024 PKWA Law Practice LLC is looking for a Relevant Legal Trainee or Practice Trainee who wish to undergo training and ... 27 May 2024
LawCraft LLC Civil Litigation 1 May 2024 LAWCRAFT LLC is a boutique commericial litigation practice, and our practice spans a wide range of commerical matters including insolvency, director ... 21 May 2024
Niroze Idroos LLC CIVIL & CRIMINAL LITIGATION, FAMILY LAW (CIVIL & SYARIAH), PROBATE, MENTAL CAPACITY MATTERS AND CORPORATE DISPUTES 3 June 2024 NIROZE IDROOS LLC is a boutique law firm offering a broad range of legal services.  The areas of practice are Civil ... 20 May 2024
Louis Lim & Partners Civil litigation, Criminal, Family, Personal Injury, Probate 1 July 2024 We are a boutique firm looking for 2 motivated and hardworking trainees to join us in July 2024. We have ... 18 May 2024
LONGBOW Law Corporation M&A, funds, employment, regulatory advisory and Singapore tax/trust matters 10 June 2024 LONGBOW Law Corporation is a Singapore law practice focusing on Corporate and Commercial matters.  We have expertise in M&A, funds, ... 17 May 2024
Hoh Law Corporation Family Law, Personal Injuries Claims, Litigation and Criminal 1 July 2024 Hoh Law Corporation invites candidates to apply for Practice Training Contract/Relevant Legal Training, commencing July 2024 onwards (subject to agreement). Interested ... 17 May 2024
Silvester Legal LLC Commercial Litigation, Corporate Advisory 1 June 2024 You want to train with a firm which: (1) Takes your training seriously.  (2) Does not take you as cheap labour. (3) Gives ... 14 May 2024
Joo Toon LLC Civil and Commercial Litigation 20 May 2024 Joo Toon LLC is an established law firm led by former District Judge, Subordinate Courts (now State Courts) and formerly ... 13 May 2024
Y S CHUNG LAW CORPORATION Dispute Resolution 27 May 2024 Y S Chung Law Corporation invites highly talented individuals who can demonstrate an affinity with our values to help us achieve ... 11 May 2024
Ravindran Associates LLP INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LAW 2 January 2025 Ravindran Associates LLP, a boutique intellectual property (IP) law firm, is looking for a Practice Trainee who wishes to undertake ... 10 May 2024
Tan Lee & Choo Family, civil, criminal and general solicitors' work 15 July 2024 Both RLT and PTC applicants are welcome to apply.  Trainees will receive close supervision and be exposed to a variety ... 9 May 2024
Global Law Alliance LLC Corporate, Litigation, Matrimonial 3 June 2024 We are a corporate and litigation practice looking for dedicated trainees (RLT or PTC). Please email your CV with your ... 7 May 2024
Gloria James-Civetta & Co FAMILY LAW MATTERS 1 July 2024 Practice Training Contract at Gloria James-Civetta & Co   We are seeking bright, diligent law graduates with a strong initiative and drive ... 7 May 2024
Nanyang Law LLC Litigation/Corporate/Intellectual Property 1 June 2024 We are seeking Trainee with sound academic credentials and good work ethics to join our Litigation/Corporate/Intellectual Property practice. Interested candidate, ... 3 May 2024
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