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Ad posted from: 26/01/2023 - 09/02/2023

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We're looking for a newly-qualified legal associate  (i.e. admitted to practice in 2022).

Scope of work

You'll work closely with our lawyers in predominantly contentious matters. Our practice comprises mostly civil and commercial disputes with a significant inclination toward aspects of Internet and social-media law. Because of our bilingual capabilities, we also handle arbitrations with a focus on PRC-linked matters and clients; so knowledge of Mandarin would be a bonus. Private-client work in criminal defence and matrimonial matters may surface periodically, as will general corporate and advisory work. In a nutshell, we run a full-service practice,

Our values and working style

We're a small firm, but being small allows us to be unconventional in all the good ways. With us, you'll find no stuffy office or clunky files. We're big on tech: we work on documents off the Cloud, harness apps that connect us to colleagues and clients without needing to meet, and use platforms that keep administrative tasks seamless. Team huddles can mean jumping onto a Zoom or WhatsApp call, while your next brilliant legal argument or research finding might be shared and debated over Slack.

At the same time, we stand by traditional values that keep a law practice grounded, efficient, and reliable. We treat our clients and opponents with respect, uphold the integrity of the law, and represent those whom we serve with tenacity, and without fear or favour. 

We want our team members to share our dream of building a forward-looking firm specialising in the emerging area of Internet and social-media law. Our ideal colleague should be comfortable working in a boutique practice (which means no big-law swank and glamour). They should also be eager to learn, grow, and be immersed in all aspects of the firm's activities. Above all, we'll value someone who's sharp, diligent, personable, eager to learn, and who'll inspire trust and confidence from clients, colleagues, and peers alike. 

In return, we'll do our utmost to offer a varied job experience, networking opportunities, and what we think is a very friendly work environment. We're serious about coaching and training; we hire with the hope that whoever joins us will work (slowly and steadily) towards building their own book of clients, and to eventually achieve a sense of ownership over their legal career. 

How to apply

The bar is high, but excellence accepts no compromise! If you like what you've been reading, and have no qualms working with a small (but very specialised and niched) firm, we'd love to hear from you. 

Drop us an email at joinus@forwardlegal with your resume and a brief self introduction. We look forward to hearing from you.

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