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Ad posted from: 06/02/2024 - 06/03/2024

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If you have a passion for judicial service, apply to join the Singapore Judicial Service as a Judicial Service Officer (“JSO”) for initial deployment at the following:

(A)       Family Justice Courts (“FJC”)

            The FJC (comprising the: Family Division of the High Court, Family Courts; and Youth Courts) administers justice to families in distress.  It plays a pivotal role in resolving disputes and promoting the best possible outcomes for children and families through a fair, just and compassionate system. As a JSO at the FJC, you will be a part of a specialist group of Family and Youth Court judges handling the full range of family-related matters as well as challenging and complex cross-border matters. You will take the lead and control the pace of proceedings, approach each case sensitively and holistically, apply principles of therapeutic justice to address the needs of the family before you, and treat every case with fairness whilst ensuring that every outcome provides a way forward for the family in distress. You will also protect family obligations, safeguard vulnerable adults, and promote the best interests of children and rehabilitate and restore youths; shaping not only the lives of parties, but their families and beyond. 


(B)       State Courts

The State Courts serve as the “engine room” of the judicial system, handling more than 80% of Singapore’s overall caseload. As the public face of justice, JSOs at the State Courts are at the forefront of delivering access to quality justice to the people.  They are appointed District Judges, Magistrates and Deputy Registrars and may be posted to one of the following Clusters: (1) Office of the Registrar (2) Criminal Courts (3) Civil Courts (4) Community Courts and Tribunals (5) Court Dispute Resolution and (6) Strategic Planning and Technology. The wide range of legal disciplines gives JSOs the opportunity to preside over a variety of cases within the criminal, civil and tribunal justice systems.  JSOs will contribute to the development of local jurisprudence, employ judge-led case management strategies to promote expeditious proceedings and amicable solutions for litigating parties, as well as participate in judicial reform.

(C)       Supreme Court Registry (“Registry”)

The Registry plays an integral part in the civil and criminal justice process, ensuring the cases that come before the superior courts in the land are administered fairly and at the highest of standards. You will be deployed at the Registry as an Assistant Registrar (who may be concurrently appointed a District Judge and/or Magistrate) to preside over the full range of chamber hearings, from pre-trial to post-trial matters. You will also be actively involved in the management of cases that come before the General Division of the High Court, Appellate Division and the Court of Appeal, and helm innovative projects to steer the Supreme Court towards excellence. 


Eligible applicants are invited to submit the Application Form (at http://www.jsc.gov.sg) by 6 March 2024. Successful applicants will receive structured training curated by the Singapore Judicial College and developmental/learning opportunities to nurture and support their judicial careers.

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